Woo hey guys, here’s a profile on me…it’s a bit long

Name: Penopeng
Age: 10
Fav website: club penguin, of course!
Some friends on club penguin: Deemarah(my original sis), Rock Anglz2(woo), Angel40751, Bubblegum423,Darknerr,Baconator995,Cocopuff3333.
People I know in real life on cp: Deemarah.
Favorite puffle: Black(I have 2: Rosette, Emo)
Music I am currently using in my igloo on cp: Mix Maestro.
Mostly hanging out in: Places that are always crowded( Town,Plaza,Cove,The Pool(nowadays, on Breeze, the Pool is mostly crowded)and Gift Shop)
Servers: Breeze, Bobsled, Sherbet or Flippers.

hehe, thx for readin about me!
πŸ˜† πŸ˜€