Penguin’s Birthday: 28 April 2008.

Hobbies: Club Penguin, Computer, Playfish, reading, drawing.

Favorite Rock star: WOO Avril Lavigne( As on CP, Penguin Band, G-Billy)

Favorite Colors: Black, Hot Pink, Green, Turquoise.

Favorite Food: PIZZA! FISH( As in CP, Fish Pizza!)

Favorite Animal: Cat, Penguin 😆

Favorite Books: The Tygrine Cat by Inbali Iserles, A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket.

Favorite Movie: Mauzaki’s Spirited Away.

Season: Winter

Zodiac(horoscope): Pisces (19 Feb—20 Mar)

My Birthday: 20 March 1999

Music: ROCK.

Favorite Famous Penguin: Rockhopper( because he brings us LUXURIOUS stuff)

Hobbies ON CLUB PENGUIN: Spying on ppl(people), hanging out, playing games like Dance Contest and Cart Surfer( but I already have quite a lot of coins. 49,366 coinzz)

Favorite Mission: UNKNOWN

Favorite Sayings: Although I have Ultimate Safe Chat, I would rather say( using the words in the Messages menu) “Hi” and the “?” “!” emotes.

Fav CP music: Mix Maestro, Pop Song, Team Blue 2, Cart Surfer, Medieval Town, Fiesta Music, Noir Noises, Egyptian Wrap.

hehe, I guess it’s a bit longer? 😛