Well,it’s finally here.I’ll keep it opened so it doesn’t change all so suddenly:

The Electric–$250

Blue Star Swimsuit–$200

The Flow–$550(no more $’s now..k?

Yellow Summer Outfit–300

Pink Sandals–160

The Waves–450

Blue Board Shorts–200

Blue Sunglasses–150

Orange Hawaiian Outfit–350


The Sidetied Too–500

Diva Sunglasses–225

Green Flower Bikini(yuck,but i still bought it)–250

Green Hawaiian Shorts–250

Black Hawaiian Shorts–250

The Sunstriker–250

Yellow Sandals–150

The Flouncy–600

Sport Bikini–300

NEXT PAGE(last page of new stuff, apart from the Penguins at Work thing and the backgrounds)…

Outback Hat–175


Compass(to tie around your penguin’s neck)–125

Green Hiking Boots–325

Whoo..I think that was 3 mins 40 secs. Find Out the new backgrounds on ur account. Oh yeah there’s a cheat on the page with the Green Bikini. I’ll tell u what it is but not where. It’s this..Canteen yes Canteen. $100.

Waddle On!


P.S: Here’s today’s activity:

Work Time! Grab a construction hat from the Penguin Style catalog & get more than 10 construction buddies to join you on the ice berg!