ohhh eeeh aaah,

SPUTTER! GASP! GAG! Cough cough. Sorry. Umm…well…here are a feww funny events that happened to me *scratch scratch* in the past few months on cp.

1.Waddle waddle through the snow forts. EXCUSE ME UR SUPPOSED TO BE RUNNING Y’ULL! YEH TRYIN TO GET AWAY FROM A ROBBER! AAAH HE CATCHES UP…NOOOOOOOOO….FALLS OVER…robber *scratch scratch* falls to pieces. I get up. Clickety click on the mouse.QUICK! IN THE NIGHT CLUB! Gee phew! Close one.

2.Is on a secret spying mission on my friend Rapunzel3000(who deleted me! 😦 ). I tryin to see wat shez up to. I be wearing my hockey *scratch scratch OWWWW* helmet. NOOOOO…I thought that old helemet helmet would make my silhouette belend blend into the snow! SHE SPOTTED ME! She approaches, and NO! She says ‘Hi’. AAAH. End this episode before I get lunged at by the …aaah.

3.Waddkle Waddle waddle, pushing and shoving through the crowds in the town. OW ROFL EEEHHH AAAHH. Penguins shoving and OW! One gets through me like I’m a GHOST! OwW he ungutted me! OH NO HERE COMES ANOTHER ONE! AAH, my lumngs lungs! help help! Can’t breathe! HELP! rofl,rofl, g-g-good-bye w-w-world…

4. I got plastic and lung surgery at the CPH(Club Penguin Hospital). I am now spick & span.This funny event happened just a few mins ago. I was trying to get round the edge of the SUPER POOL(Ice Rink) and reach the MWS(Mini Watre Watrr Water Slide) without touching the water. tip toe tip toe. Ooh hardy, NOOOOOO… I TOUCHED IT! NOO IM DEAD!

Well that’s all for *FALLS TO PIECES ON A FUNNY BANGING OF GARBAGE KAPOOO* *cough cough* today folks ROFL. I might just as well send in more if u like!

Waddle On, penguins!


P.S: Sorry for too many scratches, I was a bit itchy

P.P.S: A boy called Max is leaving school and made people sign,including me, the back of his T-shirt.