Hi Peoplez!

I bet u this is my last post. Maybe Bubblegum423 will post the rest. The Adventure Party is gone 😦 ! But instead of that pool that replaced the Ice Rink, there is now A FOOTBALL PITCH! It’s like the one on that Sport Marathon party that was members only! This is the 3rd time I hear of it. Oh yeah and keep watch for your Plantus Fantasticus etc etc.! There are plants blossoming out of the boxes in the Box Deminsion(only I think that’s how u spell it) which is accessable from a box with swirly purple swirls that you can have at your igloo. Non members can access by going to some member igloo and seeing if they have that box! The boxes were sold in the April Fools party.

Waddle On!


P.S: New newspaper!