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Hi guys!

Sorry the newspaper is late! I had a few Internet problems.

Front Page


Untitled12 Untitled13

Rlly sorry it’s late.

And…my computer didn’t get the new Music yet…..shame, yes?

That’s gonna have to wait, I guess!




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Hello Guys!

I know the Updater has all the stuff wrong, like the pin and stuff. The other one hasn’t updated since the Watermelon in the Lighthouse. I am trying to find out what’s wrong….

In other news: There’s a new Newspaper and I cannot tell you anything about it because my computer is having some serious problems with Club Penguin.

Well….waddle on!



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Hello guys!

There’s been some strange stuff going on on Club Penguin..including..


This may have something to do with the firey items we’ve been dumping … who knows?

P.S: It looks like I’m looking at the laptop…not the Volcano….

Other News: The Scavenger Hunt has been extended to September 28…so we can have more time helping the Sensei!

Waddle On!!!


The Black Puffles!


Here are a few pictures of me next to the Black Puffles:

Untitled5 Puffle of Dojo

Untitled6 Puffle of Ski Village

Untitled7 Puffle of the Forest.

Thanx! Waddle on!

Penopeng the Peng

Scavenger Hunt on Firey Items!



Sensei has set up a Scavenger Hunt for us on Firey Items! I will tell you where each one is:

Item Number 1– Go to the Ski Lodge and click on the Fireplace(The wood in the fireplace)

Item Number 2– Go to the Book Room(Upstairs the Coffee Shop) and click on one of the candles that hang from the Bookshelf(I am not sure which one)

Item Number 3–  Go to the Pet Shop in the Plaza and click on the Black puffle in the cage. It will go on fire. When the fire settles, click on the puffle again.

Item Number 4–  Go to the Underground Mine and click the lantern that hangs from up high.

Item Number 5– Go to the Pizza Parlor in Plaza and click on the Hot Sauce bottle on top of the oven. It will send a flick of fire then re-click on it.

Item Number 6 — Go to the Cove and click on the twig that glows white as you hover your mose over it.

Item Number 7–  Go to the Beacon at the top of the Lighthouse and click the Jet Pack next to the Jet Pack game landing pad thing. 😆 It will shoot up a bit then land back down again. Re-click.

Item Number 8(last but not least)– Go to the Dojo Courtyard and click the Chinese Lantern on the LEFT hand side that hangs next to the Dojo entrance.

And your reward will be the Fire Pin(crackle crackle)

In Other News:

Attention all Ninjas! When you enter the Ninja Hideout, It looks very much different. It has this big dent hole and when you wear the Ninja suit with the Cloud Bracers…POOF!.. A swirl of dust will fly up and turn this wheel and it controls this other wheel thing that drops firey stuff into a hole saying HOT.

And yesterday  I entered the Ninja Hideout to find this enormous crowd and soon I started thinking that Sensei was there. Anyway people were bidding farewell and it took me 5 seconds to realize that the Sensei was logging off so I franticly started clicking in the crowd until I finally found him and clicked for his autograph. It was the last second before he logged off. POOF.

Waddle On…


And I'm writing my daily report on it(get it? on the laptop?)And I’m writing my daily report on it(get it? on the laptop?)

YO! I ended up on the last day of the Fair!


Gaah! Thank God the Internet finally worked! I coulda missed THE ENTIRE Fall Fair and then the next day I might end up starin’ at what ppl were wearin’ wonderin’ what the heck was goin on and if i missed an entire party!wellllllllllllll…..i just found out my prt sc button is on the same key as the word Insert so I think I won’t be able to do any pics……except if i use Touch Tablet Keyboard.