*Bangs head against table* Sorry about the late post! My computer was down yesterday, so I couldn’t send this in! Anywayzzz, the Halloween Party came yesterday! And it’s so WICKED! Really! And here are the places where the Sweets are in the Hunt!(Sorry, I can’t give any pictures.To give it a hard twist, you need to follow instructions ONLY here *wicked grin*)

1.  This one is in the Attic, behind one of the Jack-O-Lanterns. I think you can see the corner poking out…?

2. This one’s in the Dock, and (ok maybe this might be confusing)when you look in the field of Pumpkins you’ll see that only ONE has a little window shaped thing. Click on the window shaped thing and you’ll get the Candy Corn.

3. About this one…. It’s in the Pet  Shop where, next to the Red Puffle on the shelf, there’s this Chandelier(however you spell it :P). Click on it and it will reveal the Lollipop.

4. Oo-kay. Go to the Cove and you’ll find this large sign with Camp Fire Ghost Stories on it. Next to that there’s this picture of a ghost holding a book. You’ll see the corner of the sweet poking out of the book. Click on it.

5.Ok…. this one, sadly, hasn’t loaded on my computer yet. But from the other  blogs I’ve seen I think it’s in the Pool?

6. This one’s at the Stadium. Look at one of the lights and you’ll see a box thing poking out. Click.

7.In the Forest, there’s this shrub that’s rustling and has flies buzzing around it. Click on it and this will come out.

8.At one corner of the Mine there’s a large puddle of goo.(At the right hand bottom corner actually) You’ll see the candy sticking out.

There’s this fantastic sight at the Iceberg too! There’s this light kind of thing( Can’t remember what it’s called..)..here’s a pic:

bad at making arrowsHaha…I’m BAAD at making arrows…

And, There are 2 free items..

1. The Jack-O-Lantern headband things(They haven’t loaded on my comp but I can see penguins wearing them) I think in the Plaza?

2. The Pumpkin heads in the Haunted House. Ohh, tough luck though. The Haunted House is only for members… 😦

Ooh, and Gary’s Secret Lab. Unluckily that’s for members only too. You get there by clicking the lantern hanging on the Mine roof. An entrance will appear. This’ll how it would look like:

spookyWe penguins are the only colored things in this LOL! Ah, and the Monster Maker catalog…has this wicked stuff in it(And they returned the Chicken Head in it too)

monstermaker I’m planning to buy that Purple suit thing and the Bunny Slippers and the Chicken head.

The Night of the Living Sled 3 is out in the Lighthouse. The penguins getting chased thought they got away from at. Sadly, they didn’t. In the Coffee Shop they’re presenting Night of the Living Sled and in the Dance Lounge they have Night of the Living Sled 2.

Here’s a picture of the Haunted House:

hauntedhouse Ok, and I think that’s it! Remember, the Halloween Party is up ’til November 1st, so be sure not to miss it!

Waddle On!

Proffessor Penopeng

Note: Half the pictures will not show because they are too big.

P.S:This note is posted on Thursday:Yes, Number 5 is in the Cave and when you got them all you get the Jack-O-Lantern background!