Umm, let’s say “Sadish News” and a post!


Yo Penguins!

Ummm, the sadish bit of the news expired! Hopefully my uncle can renew it!

And because I can’t show you the Card Jitsu Fire game, let’s just say, I’ll send you this post!

Hello Penguins!

It’s here! If you’re a member ninja and have the mask and the Amulet, head to the Fire Dojo now for the chance to play Card-Jitsu Fire first!!

4 ninjas can play all at once – If you want to practice with friends, you can go to the mats – or if you want to earn your Fire Suit, talk to Sensei! There are a couple of different types of battles you can have on the game board.

Hey – those of you with new Card-Jitsu Fire trading card codes have been getting a message that we weren’t quite ready for them. We’re really sorry for the delay – and we wanted to say thank you for being so patient! They’re ready now and you can redeem them for your online cards. We also wanted to remind you that if you see anything that could be a bug, let us know so we can squash it…

Have fun playing Card-Jitsu Fire!! We really want to know what you think!

Until then…Waddle on!

That’s it for now!


P.S: I’m not gonna post stuff like, from December 6th–9th because I have to go to a Camp! Umm, let’s see, I have lots of things to sort out, like I need Authors and stuff….I was thinking of Bubblegum423, maybe she’s busy? I’ll ask anyways πŸ˜›

Sneak Peek!

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Hello pengs!

Billybob sent us a post in the Community section. Can’t waittt…

Hello Penguins!

The game officially launches November 24th and the island’s heating up!! I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek into what the new ninja fire journey might have in store for you… This is from one of the new power cards:

What do you think? Also, You’ve asked – and along with a lot of ninja toys (including soft Limited Edition Penguins and Mix ‘N Match figures), we’ve got more Card-Jitsu Trading Cards available in stores!

Inside the new tins (including the Card-Jitsu Fire Sensei Collector tin) there’s a sheet so you can check off the Trading Cards that you’ve got!! The cards are available now at a lot of places including Target, Walmart, Toys ‘R’ Us, and Disney Stores. You can also get them online at – and the CP Online Shop starting November 24th.

Until then…Waddle on!
Ok! Cya!


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I’m going DOWN! SO much to update on! :P


Pant, pant pant!
I just arrived from school, realizing I have TOO much to update on! Jeez! Ok, first, the Ninja Hideout has a brand new look!

Pretty cool, yes?



And, the Fire Dojo has been updated too! I hope the place won’t be TOOO flaming πŸ˜›

And the new Pin is a Hot Chocolate! Yummmm…

πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

And the Newspaper! I’m not gonna include most of the papers, I’m running outta time! Well, uhhh, 10 more minutes, I have….

Starting Nov. 24th! Aww, tough luck for me. My membership expires that EXACT DAY. I’m not sure I’ll get a new one….


Ok, I know I missed ALOT of pages, but here are the events!

Ok, and there’s also the new Better Igloos!

Click the modern chair for the, hanging thingy

Click the,(uhhhh, do we call it debris?)to get the shoe rack.

And the Build Your Own Snow Fort thing’s back.

Click the umm, argh you see it, yes? for the Fireplace


Click the, ummmm, circled thing for the Icicles( I bought quite a lot of those last year πŸ˜† )


Ok, those are all the cheats I found! You can tell me if you found others.



Jeez, that’s it!





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SO VERY VERYΒ SORRY! I haven’t posted for SUCH a long time! The Fire Dojo is under construction now! I just can’t WAIT till it finishes! Here’s a picture:

The music is quite WACKY too. WACK WACK!!!! lol sorry πŸ˜›

Lol, and another blog from Billybob!

Hello Penguins!

The construction in the new Fire Dojo’ll be finished soon and on November 24th you’ll be able to play Card-Jitsu Fire!

Since the video came out, lots of you have been asking how to get ready to play the new game. The first step to is to become a ninja:

* Head to the Dojo to train
* After you earn your belts and beat Sensei, he’ll give you your Ninja Mask
Once you’re a ninja, get the golden Amulet and head to the new Fire Dojo! I can’t give away all the surprises… but I can tell you that up to 4 ninjas can play at once!! And just like in the original Card-Jitsu game, you’ll be able to enter codes from your offline cards to add to your online collection.

Until then…Waddle on!

Oo-kay. OOOO-kay. Ummm…cya.


A BIT of news…

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I have some news for you people. I’m not saying if it’s good or bad because some of you might think either.

The news is, my membership expires in FOURTEEN DAYS. XP

mmbship The other news is, another post from Billybob..

Hello Penguins!

I know we’ve all been waiting a long time to find out what’s up with the orange sky, the fiery black puffles, an active Volcano, and the Amulets you’ve been building.

We’re really excited to see what you guys think of what’s coming for member ninjas… Check it out:

Let us know what you think! There’s definitely more to do, so keep your eyes open and your ninja skills sharp.

Until then…Waddle on!

Ok, ummm, I may not be able to upload the video… but I think you can see it on this link…?

Ok that’s it!


New Penguin Style!

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New Penguin style! It loaded STRAIGHT after I published the previous post. πŸ˜›

pieDon’t ask me why I named the image “pie”…because I just don’t know πŸ˜†

building dizzyClick the White Puffle for the Dizzy…

redClick on the Dojo(faaar in the distance) for the red Viking helmet. Close, re click dojo, close, re click, close, re click and you get…


The Penguin Job page has that Snow Shovel again…..hehe.

And there’s one new background! Well, no no, there are 4 as always but I mean VERY brand new. All the other three are returned.

Hehe, I’d better build up my coins! You know I lost track of the date that I accidently thought the 6th was TODAY!!! Pea-brain, me.



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So v v V sorry! Btw the Vs are very. Let’s start with the Newspaper issue!

late Boring old Ninja news. JK! πŸ˜›

sen...sei There’s this brand new play coming at the stage! It’s called Norman Swarm something something…

normansComing November 13th!

And here are MORE winners! Sorry I cannot show the runners up because I have to click on the keyboard. I wish I can do more than 1 thing at a time with a mouse :mrgreen:

morewinnerz Uhhh, I hope you can see! The picture’s a little TOO big I think?


e.vents Yup yup….sadly the new catalog(clothing) has not turned up on my comp yet!!



Amulets coming!

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Heya penguins!
You know what? I think Amulets are coming because of what I saw today at the Dojo!

amuletsThe red sign says HELP GOLDSMITHS BUILD AMULETS. What I am wondering right now is where the HECK those goldsmith costumes are. Well I mean, the ones at the Medieval Party were blacksmiths, right? Or WERE they?

The non-Halloween Dojo hasn’t loaded for me yet, so maybe those Goldsmith aprons are there? Maybe.

Well, all I know is there’s a new mission coming! Yesssssssssssss! Finally!

And that’s it on Update! Thank you very much for reading

Penopeng Β your Reporter(lol)


Added later:

Found where the Apron is! It’s in the Ninja Catalog!


This is how it’ll look with your penguin using it:

goldsmithlook Ok, that’s all!



Last day of the Halloween Party!


Heya penguins!

It’s the last day of the Halloween Party! I’d better get the costumes I need before it’s too late….(DA DUN DUN!)

Anywayzzz, there’s this, uhh, new costume Β at the Haunted House! It’s a Scarecrow Suit. AT first I thought it was a pair of ripped jeans but…ahhhh I found out in the end.

I think I ran too much at school and my legs hurt. Ok, there’s nothin else on update today so cya!