Heya penguins!
You know what? I think Amulets are coming because of what I saw today at the Dojo!

amuletsThe red sign says HELP GOLDSMITHS BUILD AMULETS. What I am wondering right now is where the HECK those goldsmith costumes are. Well I mean, the ones at the Medieval Party were blacksmiths, right? Or WERE they?

The non-Halloween Dojo hasn’t loaded for me yet, so maybe those Goldsmith aprons are there? Maybe.

Well, all I know is there’s a new mission coming! Yesssssssssssss! Finally!

And that’s it on Update! Thank you very much for reading

Penopeng  your Reporter(lol)


Added later:

Found where the Apron is! It’s in the Ninja Catalog!


This is how it’ll look with your penguin using it:

goldsmithlook Ok, that’s all!