SO VERY VERY SORRY! I haven’t posted for SUCH a long time! The Fire Dojo is under construction now! I just can’t WAIT till it finishes! Here’s a picture:

The music is quite WACKY too. WACK WACK!!!! lol sorry 😛

Lol, and another blog from Billybob!

Hello Penguins!

The construction in the new Fire Dojo’ll be finished soon and on November 24th you’ll be able to play Card-Jitsu Fire!

Since the video came out, lots of you have been asking how to get ready to play the new game. The first step to is to become a ninja:

* Head to the Dojo to train
* After you earn your belts and beat Sensei, he’ll give you your Ninja Mask
Once you’re a ninja, get the golden Amulet and head to the new Fire Dojo! I can’t give away all the surprises… but I can tell you that up to 4 ninjas can play at once!! And just like in the original Card-Jitsu game, you’ll be able to enter codes from your offline cards to add to your online collection.

Until then…Waddle on!

Oo-kay. OOOO-kay. Ummm…cya.