Pant, pant pant!
I just arrived from school, realizing I have TOO much to update on! Jeez! Ok, first, the Ninja Hideout has a brand new look!

Pretty cool, yes?



And, the Fire Dojo has been updated too! I hope the place won’t be TOOO flaming 😛

And the new Pin is a Hot Chocolate! Yummmm…

😛 😛 😛

And the Newspaper! I’m not gonna include most of the papers, I’m running outta time! Well, uhhh, 10 more minutes, I have….

Starting Nov. 24th! Aww, tough luck for me. My membership expires that EXACT DAY. I’m not sure I’ll get a new one….


Ok, I know I missed ALOT of pages, but here are the events!

Ok, and there’s also the new Better Igloos!

Click the modern chair for the, hanging thingy

Click the,(uhhhh, do we call it debris?)to get the shoe rack.

And the Build Your Own Snow Fort thing’s back.

Click the umm, argh you see it, yes? for the Fireplace


Click the, ummmm, circled thing for the Icicles( I bought quite a lot of those last year 😆 )


Ok, those are all the cheats I found! You can tell me if you found others.



Jeez, that’s it!