Yo Penguins!

Ummm, the sadish bit of the news expired! Hopefully my uncle can renew it!

And because I can’t show you the Card Jitsu Fire game, let’s just say, I’ll send you this post!

Hello Penguins!

It’s here! If you’re a member ninja and have the mask and the Amulet, head to the Fire Dojo now for the chance to play Card-Jitsu Fire first!!

4 ninjas can play all at once – If you want to practice with friends, you can go to the mats – or if you want to earn your Fire Suit, talk to Sensei! There are a couple of different types of battles you can have on the game board.

Hey – those of you with new Card-Jitsu Fire trading card codes have been getting a message that we weren’t quite ready for them. We’re really sorry for the delay – and we wanted to say thank you for being so patient! They’re ready now and you can redeem them for your online cards. We also wanted to remind you that if you see anything that could be a bug, let us know so we can squash it…

Have fun playing Card-Jitsu Fire!! We really want to know what you think!

Until then…Waddle on!

That’s it for now!


P.S: I’m not gonna post stuff like, from December 6th–9th because I have to go to a Camp! Umm, let’s see, I have lots of things to sort out, like I need Authors and stuff….I was thinking of Bubblegum423, maybe she’s busy? I’ll ask anyways 😛