I am SO VERY SORRY that I haven’t posted since last month! You see, while I was at camp, there were LOTS of problems(not to mention having your friend puke inside the tent you sleep in at 7:00 in the morning!)!!! Anyways, as the updater says, the new pin is in the forest(It’s a bell)Β  and, ehh, the Newspaper!

Ok…I can’t show you anything but the Events!

I know, I’m going down on my game so much I sound like I’ll quit blogging! But no… I won’t! I won’t! REALLY! No matter how much you give me, I won’t quit blogging! *Pauses* Sorry, going to drama now. πŸ˜›
Anyways…….there’s a new catalog too! The winter coat has… wait, no, let me just show you first.
Are those….CAT EARS?!!! I NEED! I DO! ANYTHING THAT’S GOT TO DO SOMETHING WITHΒ CATS! I LUV ‘EM DUDE! I LUV ‘EM! Ehh, right, click the pot of Coins for Change( I love this event πŸ˜† ) for the, stocking cap.

Click on the tree top with my red box around it to get the Long Johns.(Sorry about the arrows) And click on the instruments stuck in the other tree to get them( not the trees, the instruments!)

Get the black Superhero mask by clicking the word “Work” in Penguins at Work.

ehhh, cya…


P.S: Sorry for the lousy ending. I feel dizzy. (-_-)