Heya People!!!


The Christmas party ended on the 27th, and I took a few pictures of the stuff going on.

Also, there was Santa’s sled, and, ehh, I had to log onto my cousin’s account to take the picture(it was O_o)

If you got all 15 presents in, you got this cool Santa suit. Ho ho ho!!! 🙂 By the way, OK OK fine, I won’t sensor the name in the next picture 😛

Upstairs the Coffee Shop there was Santa’s chair, and you, well, if you wanted to, you’d go sit on it. If you wished, you’d click on the camera and it’d take a picture of you on the chair(pretend, of course)

Chair’s BIG. BIIIIIIIG. 😀 It actually can carry 4 penguins on it. It you decide to make a pile of penguins, then, ehh, the pile would have 9 penguins in it. Or 8.

There weren’t many penguins dancing(it looks like I wasn’t either, but I took the shot when my penguin had it’s back facing the tree, so ehh, yeah you get the point) So the whole point was, if you got lots of penguins dancing the tree gets bigger and more like a healthy Christmas tree, instead of one that looks all shrivelled up.

The pin is in the Attic, but first lemme point out something weird(maybe no, but it made go a little he-he-he)

There’s a fire extinguisher against the green chair. *music* *bwa-bwaaaaaaa*

Anyways, yes, the pin is in the Attic. To tell you the truth, Its looks a little too big for a pin(btw, it’s hidden till tomorrow, so if you didn’t get it yet hurry up and get it)

SNOWMAN!!! BWHAHAAHAHA! Whoops, sorry. I’m eating a cupcake.

Now, onto the newspaper…( I apologize if I missed out something on the Christmas party update)

YAY RESULTS!!! Anyways I won’t win cuz I haven’t signed up. Congrats to the mystery people.

First, the Coins for Change results! I think it’s quite reasonable really.

And now….*drumroll* the results for the igloo contest!(I’m gonna write out the names of the winners and runner-ups because I don’t think the words are really clear)

Winners are: Mikkaylla134, Ejqueen,Jewels543,Chase98,Shygoldie,Ernard,Pkittycat1,Crazy 5 Ben,Kingboo12345,Mary Poppens. Runner-ups were: Pink Buffy1,Spark0987,Pongino,Shakira1160,Aoifid,Steppenwolf6,Depolo,Lucky Lucy49( I think my cousin knows her, or someone called Lucky Lucy),Happynose44 and Tecno20. Congrats to everyone who won!!!

Alright, the puzzle for that week’s newspaper was a wordsearch! To give it a twist, I’m gonna let YOU figure out where the words were.

The first one is quite easy, really. It fills up a whole row. Once you get them all…

Ok that’s it!!! Because I wanna type more I’m gonna show you Billybob’s new post!

Hello Penguins!The Holiday Party has come to a close, and we want to wish everyone a huge thanks for making it a success!

We’ve heard from a lot of you wondering what’s coming up in the new year. Well, I can say for sure that 2010 is going to start off with a bang!

A new event’s on the way that will lead penguins into secret places! More games are incoming too that will test your skills!

Look for all new jobs and mysteries… And maybe even a certain polar bear…

Thanks again to everyone for playing this year. Your awesome ideas and suggestions are what make Club Penguin as fun and exciting as it is. Hope to see you all in 2010!

Until then, Happy New Year… and Waddle On!

Just a second…is that… a squid? 😮 Or a flattened plate with ribbons hanging from the end? HEY JUST A MINUTE!!! Is that, Herbert? Just seeing his shadow makes me wanna pop a vein. Is that a puffle? WOnder what color it will be? Orange? Ehh, Lavender? Maroon? Anyways, I wonder what’s with the squid…(or flattened up plate with ribbons at the end)

Ok, Cya!



Anyways, It’s the Golden Puffle. Quest for the Golden Puffle. There’s hardly anything new. Let’s check out the catalog. If you wanna see how it looks then, here you go:

Sorry ’bout the pile of snowballs next to me. There was this hyper blue penguin throwing at that specific point even though there was no one there. I think he was trying to say:” THE SNOW TURNED INTO SAND! COME BACK SNOW!!!” lol 😆

Catalog, apparently, has one secret only. Oh yes, It was the PPA(Penguin Play Awards) winner. I voted for it anyway.

I’m not sure which one’s the crook and which one’s the flail. Flail & Crook? Crook & Flail? Oh, forget it.

Ehh, that’s it, I guess! Did I include the Events on the newspaper topic? I think not. Here they are:

See you!

Penopeng ( One thing for sure, this is my longest post…I guess?)