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Ok… right. I know. I’m going down on my new year’s resoloution which was: To post posts on time. *Slaps hand against forehead* I’ve got this BIIIIG project for 9 weeks, and well… I don’t think I can keep up with that resolution.

I’m still busy people, so I gotta tell you something. Ummm… I’ll temporarily switch this blog off for the next nine weeks, and, If you want super information at the exact same time it comes… I suggest you not to look for this one for the next 9 weeks.

Thanx, cya

Penopeng 😉

New Pin, Fireworks and Penguin Style Catalog!

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Good day people!!

Ahhh… Ok, quick start! The pin!!(Because it was the first picture I took anyways 😛 )

hehehe... It's a bad match, Rock and acoustic(well, in this case, yes it is) because well, if you actually heard two penguins,one with an acoustic guitar and one with an electric, then you would agree with me. Also because a bit later a guy started playing the drum, which totally ruined everything. 😛

Hehe, ok onto the catalog. This month’s catalog’s first page seriously made me wanna be a member again more than anything.

WAAAAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!! Hopefully that thing will stay until I get that membership. Ok, yes I know, no big deal.

Emmm, the next page! Get the pink snorkel from clicking on the snowman’s nose

ehhh, we’d seriously better get a move on.

Ok, click that bubble to get the red helmet. Click the bubble 4 times to get the blue one

Ok sorry for the rude name I named the picture no wait huh? i don’t get it. *Pauses* Never you mind. Anyways, the fireworks are here, as always! Btw, if you watch for quite a bit you might catch a firework that looks like a puffle..

I wonder which puffle it is? 😛 Hopefully a black one smiling 🙂

Ok, cya!

Peno.peng peng peng peng peng peng peng peng *haha*

CPT Issue #220

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*Toot!* Happy New Year people!!!!

Off the CP Topic: Yesterday my next door neighbors were having some sort of New Year Disco in their house because I could hear the music booming all the way up to my room! 😛

Back Into the CP Topic: Sorry if this post was late. I went to the shops yesterday and I didn’t come back until midnight.

Heheheeh!!!!-Sorry-Heheheh!! yayyyyyyy!!!! 3 more months till my birthday!! I know it’s a long wait 😛

Anyways, there’s “A Huge Thanks” page in the newspaper:

I had to save this picture twice because the first time I saved it it was saved as 'a hug thanxx' (lol. a hug? pleez)

Wait, did I write that caption in the wrong place? Nevermind. Ok, next up, more winners!!!

I’ll type out the names again *takes a big breath* here goes: WINNERS!!!: Daisy8sfrt, Purr4297,Jennyrf51,Kayla82018,Hamataro10,Edg12345,Nina1593,A11766,Penguinjr09,Jeffy212. Runner-Ups: Mr Snowwing,Boomerman79,Indi2, Were Were, Huntatic3, Gorrila553,Federika,Bubutie,Nate137,Jordana007

Ok, quickly now! I’m gunna miss my favorite TV show!!! The events!!!

Ok! Cya people!!!-sorry-Ok! Cya People!!

Penopeng(Happy New Year!!!)