*Toot!* Happy New Year people!!!!

Off the CP Topic: Yesterday my next door neighbors were having some sort of New Year Disco in their house because I could hear the music booming all the way up to my room! 😛

Back Into the CP Topic: Sorry if this post was late. I went to the shops yesterday and I didn’t come back until midnight.

Heheheeh!!!!-Sorry-Heheheh!! yayyyyyyy!!!! 3 more months till my birthday!! I know it’s a long wait 😛

Anyways, there’s “A Huge Thanks” page in the newspaper:

I had to save this picture twice because the first time I saved it it was saved as 'a hug thanxx' (lol. a hug? pleez)

Wait, did I write that caption in the wrong place? Nevermind. Ok, next up, more winners!!!

I’ll type out the names again *takes a big breath* here goes: WINNERS!!!: Daisy8sfrt, Purr4297,Jennyrf51,Kayla82018,Hamataro10,Edg12345,Nina1593,A11766,Penguinjr09,Jeffy212. Runner-Ups: Mr Snowwing,Boomerman79,Indi2, Were Were, Huntatic3, Gorrila553,Federika,Bubutie,Nate137,Jordana007

Ok, quickly now! I’m gunna miss my favorite TV show!!! The events!!!

Ok! Cya people!!!-sorry-Ok! Cya People!!

Penopeng(Happy New Year!!!)