Heyyyy people! I’m BACK!!!

Yeah, you gotta say, that was more than 9 weeks but well…ehhh…lots of homework. =P I also decided to start re-blogging a few weeks earlier, but then CP wasn’t working and (stupid meee) I waited for the rest of last month thinking how the heck I was supposed to post blogs after this situation. Then I decided I had to quit but then I just did a few changes in my firewall, tried CP again and BOOM! It was working! So now I can continue blogging! =) Okkk, since I missed a whole load of stuff I don’t think I’ll be able to fit in this post, I’ll start off with the stuff going on on CP right now… 1st up, PPA!!(Penguin Play A w a r d s)

Yup! That’s the PPA. This year(can’t remember if they did it last year too? =/ maybe not) they changed how the Pet Shop and the Parlor look like so that they look a bit grander =) The second day of the PPA was also my birthdayyy =D I turned 11.

PPA from da inside:

Just like last year =) Sad news though is that I can’t show you what the backstage looks like because I’ve lost my membership since last November and didn’t get a new one since =( Oh well, I think it’s the same as last’s years but with…urrm…a free camera right?

Ok, umm, also, there’s this new orange puffle! It looks cool, more like…umm…they remind me of country folk…? Anyways, they look pretty cool =\

The Parlor!!! Really formal-type place now. They’ve got the stage on an upper flooring and you can go up there using the staircase! =)

Fancyyyyy 😉

Ok, at the Dock there’s a free item for everyone! It’s called the Press Hat =)

I zoomed in 4 u guys to see it more clearly =)

Ok! The pin…is a boot! Not kidding, seriously. It’s a boot. Located in the Lounge which is the upper floor of the Nightclub =) Remember to get it sooner or later ’cause it’s here till March 25th(*slaps hand against forehead* OMW!!! I just remembered that today was the last day to give the permission slip for the Fossil trip! =( too late now. Well, hopefully they’ll allow it tomorrow =/ *shakes head* ehhh…don’t mind me. I tend to floaaat away from the topic)

The pin! =)

Wow, lots of studios. Even on the Ski Hill! 😮

=) (i’m smiling alot today right?)

Whoop, dad’s returned from work. Cya!

Waddle On!

Peno =)