Hello people!

Went on today. Sorry, couldn’t send in the newspaper yesterday cuz I was a bit sleepy and I slept at 5:20 and woke up this morning. Big whoop. 😛

Anyways, the newspaper!

Ok, passing briskly through the pages!!

Hmm, I wonder who’s gonna win? Hopefully Quest for the Golden Puffle…sorry. Long time fan =)

Few days later… (seriously, not joking)

Saved this as a draft =) I had to go…shoppin’ 😆  Anyways…where were we? Oh, right. The newspaper.

=O April Fools? One of my fav thingies. =))

Oi wait! Did I put the caption in the wrong place again?? It just, looks like it’s in the wrong place :/ *Sigh* Nvm.

Yes! Here to stay! I love that place! Especially when no one throws snowballs and it's DAAARK 🙂

-_- I don’t know WHY I’m so bugged when my caption ends up in that area.  I’ll try typing them somewhere else.

The activity is to join dots! I already finished joining them! Hint: The picture has something to do with the PPAs! 🙂

New catalog…ON THE 1ST OF APRIL?! Man I’d better get that membership fast…the thing I wanna buy is on Clearance!!!! 😛 PPA winner on the 30th! Good luck to all! (Still, I hope Quest for the Golden Puffle wins for the 2nd year round!)

Ok, that was the newspaper…now the pin!

Location: Winter Sports!

Ok, that’s it!

Waddle On!!!!!! 🙂

Peno ( da smiling kid)