Mine Shack = So cool! At first I thought my computer was glitched.


Haha lol!

Check out what happened to the Mine Shack!

And, lol… The Pizza Parlor! The food looks so yummy though =P

We tried to cover the “Food Fight” sign



Alot of stuff to post about =) ( Newspaper and new Catalog!!!)


Hello penguins!

Today, I feel like typing in italics. =)

Anyways. Quite a few stuff has been updated on Club Penguin! Let’s start with the newspaper!

haha. Grub grub grub grub *pant pant* *takes deep breath* grub grub grub grub! Haha

Gruuuuuub! Shrub. Rub. Lots of grubs.

Alright… the results! =) My fav play won…again! (For the 2nd year in a row)

!! Ok, we can ALL easily tell that that's NO penguin in that bear costume. There's only ONE explanation to who it might be...Herbert!

Hmmm… Aunt Arctic’s page was taken over by Rookie!  I laughed at the title though.   ” Ask the Rookie”.

He's got quite a bunch of events 😉

…Alright, now to the REAL events…

=( My last chance to get the purple, cat ears coat. Over. ='( Nevermind. Hopefully they'll get it next year. Or the year after.

Ok, I’d really love to show you guys everything that’s happening during the party, but I guess I’d rather keep it short. I’m reading this Warriors book( New Prophecy: Twilight) and I look forward to getting back to reading it again. =/ Soz.

Cool, right? I miss being a member. Especially 'cause the stuff they've got in the catalog make my brain wanna burst! =P

The "Create Your T-Shirt" thing is updated! There's a new shirt color, and a puffle-shaped earth-globe-thing!(Earth-globe-thing. lol)

Click the coffee cup nearest to the girl penguin to get the Red Viking Helmet. Click it four times to get the blue one.

Alright. Click the pink disco tile under the dancing girl( Look at the picture below) to get Green Face Paint

Click the G in “Penguins at Work”  to get the Cocoa Bunny Costume…

…and the trees under the green drill for the Cocoa Bunny Ears!

Alright… that’s it for today!

Waddle On!

P e n o p e n g