“Herbert’s Revenge” in AU and UK


Billybob’s got GREAT news for you penguins who’re in Australia and the UK! Herbert’s Revenge will be available soon in your country!

Hello Penguins,

I’ve got good news for Elite Agents in the UK and Australia – “Herbert’s Revenge” will be in stores in your regions soon! June 26 for the UK, and July 7 for Australia.

There’s still lots of other places we’re working to get “Herbert’s Revenge”, so keep checking back for more updates.

Also – we’ve heard lots of feedback on the things you liked about “Herbert’s Revenge”, and what you would improve. We’d love to hear more, so leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Until then… Waddle on!

I haven’t got the game yet,sadly. It isn’t out where I live xD Oh well…I need PATIENCE 0_O



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I know I know, late Field Op again xD But I caught a cold. What should I do?

Field Op walkthrough continues in my EPF tab xD

Peno 😉

EPF Field Ops! (A bit late,I guess?)



I know,I know. Five days late. But the Field Ops thing didn’t turn up on the date it was due =/

Ok, so…..if you wanna join in this whole thing…….simple xD join the EPF.

Alright, So, you walk up to the screen in the EPF Command Room which says “Field Ops”.

Once you click it, It’ll zoom you in and this screen will appear. You click “Continue” when you’ve read it.

Now, since this is EPF stuff, the post is to be continued in my EPF page,which will be created in a few minutes. It’s password protected 😉


I’m BACK!!! =D



My tests are finally OVER =D So it means I can post again! But I’ve still got this project I need to work on so, no update today. I realized my Pin Tracker’s been working well,so that should keep you updated on the new pin at least ;D

Cya(for now)