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This may be the last post I’ll be posting for a few weeks. I’m leaving on Friday! Anyways, Happy77 was speaking to a Stamps expert…

There’s been TONS of talk about Stamps! As you probably know, your Stamp Books will arrive on July 26 and you’ll be able to start earning stamps and showing them off, too.


I wanted to know more, so I asked a Stamps expert:

Q: How will I find my Stamp Book?
A: Just click on your player card. When you do, inside the book there are places for a whole bunch of stamps – and descriptions of how you can earn them.

Q: How do I earn Stamps?
A: Lots of different ways! There are easy stamps and extreme stamps, stamps you have to earn with buddies, and ones that you’ll earn by showing off your skills in games. For example, to earn this stamp, you’ll have to jackhammer at the ‘berg with 30 penguins.

103.jpeg.jpgQ: Can I still get pins?
A: Yep, you sure can! Pins aren’t going to change. And the best part is you can show off your ENTIRE pin collection inside your Stamp Book.

I would love to see a Stamp for making lots of candy pizzas. What would YOUR ultimate Stamp be?

A stamp book? Awesome! =D Can’t WAIT till I come back! I’m not sure, my ultimate stamp would be a Puffle Rescue one! ;P I’m pretty good at it xD

Waddle On!


Lighthouse Catalog

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I couldn’t post this yesterday since it wasn’t on my computer xD

(There are no cheats, though.)

And the Bass isn’t 500 coins. It’s actually 850. When I came to buy it it said I didn’t have enough coins,when I had 700 something, and I got more coins, and that window popped up saying: “Would You like to buy Blue Bass with 850 coins?” and I was like “Ohhhhh.”

So it was either CP had a bug, or my eyes were playing tricks on me o.O

Waddle On!


Lots Coming for Members!

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Hey penguins!

Billybob’s posted a new post on the Community section!

We saw how much you loved to dance and make music at Music Jam and we heard you loved the new member rooms – thanks for the great feedback!
We thought we’d let you know about some new things that are coming up just for members.

Make music at the Lighthouse: Starting today musical instruments will be available in the Lighthouse all the time, because we love to see you guys jam!

Design your igloo: We know how creative you are with your igloos and we wanted to give you more. If you liked the T-shirt builder in Penguin Style, you’re going to love the new Better Igloos catalog.

Spy Phone Updates: EPF Agents will face greater challenges to keep the island safe in August. You’ll receive new Field-Op orders with more Spy Phone games to test your skills. Plus you’ll be able to obtain brand new elite gear with your medals!

Earn Stamps: Stamps will be available for everyone, and we wanted to give members access to exclusive stamps and features. As a result, some of the harder levels in games will be made member only. The games that will be changing are Jet Pack Adventure, Catchin’ Waves, Thin Ice, Astro Barrier and Aqua Grabber. Don’t worry, everyone will still be able to play the first few levels.

Members play a big role in making Club Penguin better all the time and we wanted a way to say thanks. We’re excited to hear what you think!

I must say, I can’t wait till I come back from my vacation! I’d like to see how the stamps are going to be like and stuff!

But also,I think that’s just too much for members. I guess the exclusive stamps should be for both members and penguins who aren’t!

Waddle On!


~I won’t be posting starting from 23rd of July — 11th August. That’s when I’ll be on that vacation~

New Pin Location!



I had to post this since my Pin Tracker didn’t update…yet.

Location is Lodge Attic at the Blue Couch xD

Waddle on!


New Furniture!

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Yeah, I should’ve put this with the other New Instruments post. But I forgot about the furniture xD Sorry,furni.

Click either one of the records on the DJ Table for the Drum Kit

Click on either ends of the Eighth Note to get the Music Stand!

Umm,I guess that’s it? Tell me if I missed out any cheats xD

Waddle On!


New Instruments!!

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Hello penguins!
New instruments are out! Even though it’s still the 14th in my country xD

I bought all the new instruments now xD Since I already had the Acoustic Guitar from long ago =D

Waddle On!


Reviewed by You post.

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Hi Penguins!

Here’s another Reviewed by You post from Billybob!

It’s time for another Reviewed by You! Last week we asked you what your favorite dance style was, and Lawain said:Well, i like to make my own dance style, and i cant do this without my friends, cuz they love to dance! We love to swing our hands in the air and sing along to our favorite songs! We also love to breakdance so that the crowd will be amazed! We also love to combine dances to see how many possibilities there are to dance! We love to boogie to the beat, stomp our feet, and have a little treat afterwards!

Awesome – thanks Lawain!

Music Jam is set to rock the island until July 18, so we’ve got one last question for all you Jam-fans out there. When you’re in a band, what’s your favorite role to play? Are you lead singer? Backup dancer? Something unique?

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment. We’ll post one (50 – 75 words, please) in next week’s Reviewed By You. If your submission is chosen to be the feature comment on next week’s blog, we’ll add 10 000 coins to your penguin account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!

Until then… Waddle on!

My role would be the bassist, since I find bass guitar pretty interesting xD

Waddle On!


New Music Records + Field Op #5(Notify)!

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Hey penguins!

First, I’m just reminding you, Field Op #5 walkthrough is in the EPF tab!

Now, I’ve been waddling around the nightclub and I checked out the Records box, when I found new ones!

Orange – Reggaetron

Pink – House Blend

Yellow – Desi-bel

I bought them all! I haven’t tried them out yet, but I bet they’re quite awesome xD

Waddle On!


Awesome! =D

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Hey, I was waddling around the Mine when I saw this penguin playing a guitar….with the pink shirt!

Awesome,right? I think you can do it with all the shirts that are bought at the stall the All Access Pass is bought in.

I’ve tried it out with the blue shirt!

Waddle On!



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I'm gonna try to miraculously survive this wave of penguins xD You could get stepped on,you know xDDD

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