The Music Jam came uhh,umm,either yesterday or the day before….and it’s AWESOME! Here’s what’s going on around the island!

Members, you can find your All Access Pass and some shirts(lol) at these stands, located in both the Snow Forts and the Ski Village.

With the All Access Pass, you can enter a bunch of areas:

1. The Casa Fiesta

2. Backstage

3. Rooftop

Once you’re backstage, you can pick up this free red shirt!

When you wear that shirt and any type of guitar ONLY, you can play it!

Also, when you throw a snowball in the Casa Fiesta, it turns into confetti! (I’m such a slowpoke I wasn’t able to capture it xD )

I made a trio with some people xD

Then, two more penguins came and joined:

Pincy started using a tuba,

Soon, we separated =P Whoo, that was fun! =D

Plus, I found someone with what I guess is Cadence’s background when you find her during the party!

(Yup,it’s also the person who was in the mini band I was in)

Boomboxes are found in the Rooftop! Remember,All Access Pass is needed.

The Penguin Band is found at the Ice Berg! I’m not sure, but you can only get their background when they’re having a break? I guess so. It’s logical too xD How can they be roaming around the island while also having a concert on the Ice Berg?

Plus, there’s a pair of free blue headphones waiting for you at the Cove!

There’s a mini-game in the Mine xD You press the green button, and it highlights the one icecube. It’s kind of a memory game xD My best was 10. I kinda lost myself after that xD

Whoo, I almost forgot! There’s a Music Catalog backstage!

There’s alot more going on during the Music Jam, so be sure to log in and check it out!

Waddle On,