Snow & Sports Catalog (Sept. 2010) + Stadium!

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I have the new Sports catalog to show you guys!

On page 1: To get the Blue Sneakers, click on the Blue Team cheerleader’s beak:

On page 2: Click on the Red Team cheerleader’s foot to get the Red Sneakers.

On page 3: Clcik the Yellow Team cheerleader’s beak to get the White Pom-Poms.

Click on the cheerleader’s foot to get the Yellow Sneakers.

And then we have page 5, which  has no cheats(as far as I know. Please inform me if I’ve missed out any)

The Stadium has been set up for the activities!

Here’s the poster that explains how to do the activities!

So, yup! Enjoy the activities!


Submit Art for Anniversary Party!

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Hi penguins!
I should’ve posted this one yesterday…. anyways. Billybob has another post for us!

Hello Penguins,

Today marks exactly one month until Club Penguin’s 5th Anniversary Party. It’s on October 24 for one day only. And you’re all invited to come and celebrate!!

For the party, we’re planning something special to help show off your favorite times. So here’s a challenge for you:

1.)Get together with your buddies and talk about some of your great Club Penguin memories
2.)Pick one and get creative (with pencils, pixels, photos, crayons, paint, etc.)
3.)Submit your original artwork to Fan Art

Stay tuned for more info about this year’s Anniversary Party. In the meantime, share your best memories in the comments!

Until then… Waddle on!

Club Penguin’s turning 5 years old! =D Yup, this post was on the Community blog yesterday. THAT’S when it’s a month away =)

Waddle On!


I’m back! + Newspaper!

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Helloooo everybody!

I was back from my vacation AGES ago. But I was too lazy to post xD Anyways, I’m back to posting now!

First off, the CPT issue #258:


Yup! They start today!(24th September). I’ll go check it out afterwards and tell you guys about it! xD

YAY! I’ve always been waiting for a game that I can take my black puffles to! =D

I’m looking forward to the new Stamps! =D And I’m also quite excited  for that new play! (Or, IS it new?)

Anyways, the new Sports catalog hasn’t shown up to me yet, so I’ll post it to you when it does 😉

Waddle On!