Gloomy title,huh? I know :/

This news is kinda sad. I find it quite hard it to bring this up to you guys but…

I quit blogging.


I’ve got alot of stuff to worry about than updating a blog. Homework,schoolwork,friend problems, etc. And I just don’t seem to find blogging as awesome as it used to be when I was smaller.

I’ve been blogging about Club Penguin for a very short time, I know. It’s only just been past a year of blogging for me. But as I said, I’ve got alot of other stuff to worry about.

I’ve made alot of friends during this whole “blogging-experience”. Mostly I’d like to thank Bubblegum423. When I first made this blog, she’s the one who helped me around and showed me how to do stuff. I wouldn’t be halfway where I am right now if it weren’t for her =)

I’d also like to thank Guitargirlk, for being one of the only people who actually @ me on Twitter(heh heh)

Ponytail 001, for helping me around browser cache problems and stuff.

Safa153, for being a very nice person to me =)

Superpinklove(I’m not sure if this is her CP name or not), for ALSO being one of the only people who @ me on Twitter, along with Carolinaatl1412.

There have been quite alot of people who I couldn’t have made it here without. All my friends I’ve made on Club Penguin and everyone who has supported me.


So long,


P.S: I still go on Twitter and CP. I haven’t quit either yet. Maybe I never will. Maybe. Just maybe.

LATE! D= CPT Issue #260 + Secrets of the Bamboo Forest Returns!

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So very very sorry guys!
Homework’s been a pain lately xP I wasn’t able to post and a cold’s going around my school and I caught it *sneeze* I still am a bit sick now *cough*

Anywho, *cough* CPT issue #260 was out on Thursday:

Whoot! The Halloween Igloo Contest’s coming up soon! I have a really good idea for an igloo,too… ;D

Club Penguin’s 5th Anniversary Party is on October 24th! You don’t wanna miss it, since it’s ONE DAY ONLY!



Secrets of the Bamboo Forest is back to The Stage! =D At first I thought it was a brand new play but then I looked at the Stage Catalog and I realized it must’ve been the one I missed out, since I saw the Phoenix Queen’s costume and realized it was that one costume I’ve always wanted but couldn’t find xD


When you read the script, you may find out that you might find the golden feather outside of the stage. Funny Pig gives you a hint…


Now, most of us may know that the most widely known place where things grow on Club Penguin is….The Mine Shack! Go over there and you’ll find the feather


Once you get your Golden Feather, you’ll notice that you can now cross over to the queen’s palace! There, you’ll find an indent on the floor that gets you this background(if you don’t already have it)


That’s pretty much it =) I’m trying to build up a few coins for the Phoenix Queen costume and the Guardian Dog xD And at the same time, getting the rest of my Cart Surfer stamps.


Waddle On!


Late Post! Newspaper Issue #259 + New Penguin Style!

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Hello penguins!

So very sorry guys! My Internet’s kinda been down the last two days, so I couldn’t post! Anywho, Issue #259 of the CPT was out on Thursday.

The Halloween party is coming soon! =D I can’t wait! I’m still thinking of what to dress up as…

I’ll post you the new Catalog after I’m done with the newspaper. Don’t worry,peeps.

Here are the upcoming events!

Now, I’ll show you the new Penguin Style catalog!

Here are pages 1 & 2:

On Page 1: To get the Frankenpenguin’s costume, click on Lady Frankenpenguin’s beak ( such a mouthful =P)

On Page 2: Click on the Count penguin’s beak to the Frankenpenguin Head.

On Page 4: Click the Ghost’s mouth to get the Crook and Flail.

(Aha! I know who I’ll dress up as on Halloween! Cleo! xD)

On Page 5: Click on the Jack-O-Lantern thingy to get the Red Viking Helmet, then click it 4 times again to get the Blue Viking  Helmet.

Holy cheesepie! My fingers are all worn out xD Please tell me if I’ve missed out any cheats.

Waddle On!