Hello penguins!

So very sorry guys! My Internet’s kinda been down the last two days, so I couldn’t post! Anywho, Issue #259 of the CPT was out on Thursday.

The Halloween party is coming soon! =D I can’t wait! I’m still thinking of what to dress up as…

I’ll post you the new Catalog after I’m done with the newspaper. Don’t worry,peeps.

Here are the upcoming events!

Now, I’ll show you the new Penguin Style catalog!

Here are pages 1 & 2:

On Page 1: To get the Frankenpenguin’s costume, click on Lady Frankenpenguin’s beak ( such a mouthful =P)

On Page 2: Click on the Count penguin’s beak to the Frankenpenguin Head.

On Page 4: Click the Ghost’s mouth to get the Crook and Flail.

(Aha! I know who I’ll dress up as on Halloween! Cleo! xD)

On Page 5: Click on the Jack-O-Lantern thingy to get the Red Viking Helmet, then click it 4 times again to get the Blue Viking  Helmet.

Holy cheesepie! My fingers are all worn out xD Please tell me if I’ve missed out any cheats.

Waddle On!