Gloomy title,huh? I know :/

This news is kinda sad. I find it quite hard it to bring this up to you guys but…

I quit blogging.


I’ve got alot of stuff to worry about than updating a blog. Homework,schoolwork,friend problems, etc. And I just don’t seem to find blogging as awesome as it used to be when I was smaller.

I’ve been blogging about Club Penguin for a very short time, I know. It’s only just been past a year of blogging for me. But as I said, I’ve got alot of other stuff to worry about.

I’ve made alot of friends during this whole “blogging-experience”. Mostly I’d like to thank Bubblegum423. When I first made this blog, she’s the one who helped me around and showed me how to do stuff. I wouldn’t be halfway where I am right now if it weren’t for her =)

I’d also like to thank Guitargirlk, for being one of the only people who actually @ me on Twitter(heh heh)

Ponytail 001, for helping me around browser cache problems and stuff.

Safa153, for being a very nice person to me =)

Superpinklove(I’m not sure if this is her CP name or not), for ALSO being one of the only people who @ me on Twitter, along with Carolinaatl1412.

There have been quite alot of people who I couldn’t have made it here without. All my friends I’ve made on Club Penguin and everyone who has supported me.


So long,


P.S: I still go on Twitter and CP. I haven’t quit either yet. Maybe I never will. Maybe. Just maybe.